helping entrepreneurs create, build and realise value

What buyers want

There are certain business characteristics that purchasers and investors look for when assessing businesses, and which impact the price they are willing to pay for that business; we call them value drivers.  We are always looking for the buyer who will pay the strategic premium. Often these buyers are attracted to a strong management team, a disruptive product or technology, opportunities in a fast growth sector. Realise Capital Partners are focused on finding the characteristic in your business that unlocks value and delivers the deal you are looking for.


  • Leadership
  • Key Personnel
  • Incentivisation and lock-in
  • Retention and development
  • Succession


  • Brand
  • Disruptive
  • Scalability
  • Market coverage
  • Customer or Supplier relationships
  • Long-term contracts


  • Characteristics/Scalability
  • Intellectual Property
  • Fit with buyer
  • Investment need
  • Out compete competition
  • Life Cycle
  • Contracted or recurring revenue. Forward visibility


  • Financial Systems and Control
  • Governance and risk management
  • Business Reporting
  • Integrated operational and financial systems
  • ISO quality mark or other accreditation standard

Plan (and evidence to deliver growth)

  • Strategy
  • Deliverabilty       
  • Funding
  • Measurement