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Buying a business

During your growth journey, opportunities will arise to acquire complementary businesses. Also, you may decide that an acquisition could help you in achieving your objectives more quickly. Whatever the rationale, Realise Capital Partners can offer a flexible resource to assist you to identify and assess the target business, agree terms and funding and steer the transaction to a successful conclusion.  We can also help you ensure you are in the right shape to take on an acquisition, and work with you post acquisition to ensure that the integration synergies identified are achieved.


  • Define acquisition criteria
  • Align to Strategy
  • Access databases of business for sale and carry out desk research
  • Select target businesses to be approached.
  • Contact target businesses on a no names basis
  • Assess appetite to sell and agree confidentiality agreement


  • Collect information on historic and current financial performance
  • Understand rationale for sale and impact on deal structure and funding
  • Assess growth opportunities, synergies and risk factors and model financial impact
  • Confirm suitability against acquisition criteria, and recommend, if appropriate


  • Lead negotiations, confirm pricing (against internal valuation) and structure, and agree heads of terms
  • Secure funding
  • Access financial due diligence and transactional tax input. Confirm output satisfactory
  • Working with legal advisors, project manage deal to completion, ensuring appropriate warranties and indemnities given by the seller

Financial Due Diligence (FDD)

  • Identify a the right provider of FDD services and agree scope
  • Ensure focus is around key risk areas, in particular ability to deliver future forecasts

Transactional Tax

  • Identify a the right provider of tax services and agree scope
  • Ensure deal structure is correct and identify any tax risks that may impact the transaction

A large proportion of acquisitions fail to deliver the benefits expected by the buyer. Realise Capital Partners ensures that you target the right business, pay the right price, and manage risk throughout.  We then work alongside you to ensure the integration benefits are delivered. Our fees are largely success based, with a commitment fee to cover the identification and assessment phases.