helping entrepreneurs create, build and realise value

Realise Capital Partners gives entrepreneurs access to capital and corporate finance expertise to help build and realise value.

Our Proposition

Realise Capital Partners can assist entrepreneurs across the growth cycle from early stage funding, growth capital, support in identifying and acquiring businesses, Management Buyout's and Buyins' (MBO/MBI) and the disposal of a business.

Our Approach

Our approach to transactions is centred around effective preparation and planning, ensuring the business is in the best possible shape to undertake a transaction. We focus our attention on the value drivers of a business, that is, those characteristics that make the business attractive to investors and buyers; being people, product, positioning and process. In our experience, this approach increases the likelihood of concluding a successful transaction on the best available terms, be that exit price, funding terms or limited dilution of equity.

How we do it

Our approach is straightforward and follows a clear and well defined process for a transaction, whether it is raising finance, an acquisition or a business sale. We work closely with the entrepreneur throughout, with regular feedback and updates, and increased communication at critical points in the process. Our fee structures mirror future business value or achievement but we also examine the possibility of equity positions.

"Raj's ability to quickly understand our business, to focus our attention on what mattered, and to help us implement the necessary changes over several years, was instrumental in making us an attractive business to acquire, and achieving a substantial valuation on exit. His drive, enthusiasm for our business and determination to see us succeed stood out for me." CEO,
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