helping entrepreneurs create, build and realise value


  • Sharing knowledge and skills – not keeping information back, ensuring understanding
  • Win-win negotiators with a focus on cash profits as a core component of value
  • Commitment to your wider ambitions & values and continually thinking of you and the issue at hand
  • Prepared to positively challenge and say “the difficult things”. Opinionated- for better or worse
  • Honesty, integrity, transparent, respectful and professional at all times
  • Disclosing “conflicts” immediately they appear
  • Clear scope, no surprises and upfront about where we cannot help or are not competent to deliver
  • Aware and very conscious of risk – always seek to protect you from the downside
  • Flexible and aligned fee structures
  • Teamwork and sense of fun during what can be difficult and stressful situations
  • High levels of communication – continually keeping you informed of progress